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CBD Tincture for Sale

CBD Tinctures a perfect for mixing into any beverage. Use some for your coffee in the morning, or get that extra chill by mixing in your tea or alcoholic beverage.

THCA & CBD TINCTURES for sale Online

Our THCA & CBD Hemp TIncture products for sale are the purest and highest quality on the market! And we have tests to provide it.

Hemp Tinctures are a perfect potency for any user, and we have several dosages and flavors for everyone’s needs.

Hemp THCa & CBD Tinctures are a great way to take in your CBD or THCa. One of our most popular Hemp Tinctures we offer is our Strawberry 1000mg CBD+THC tincture that is tasty and works wonders!

Tincture strawberry lion 1000mg
Tincture CBD


When referring to hemp tinctures this refers to a liquid concentrate or extract of CBD or THCa that has been blended with certain flavors, terpenes, and a carrier oil for delivery and consistency.

How long does it take for hemp tinctures to take effect?

When taking a few drops of a hemp cbd or thca tincture it typically will take effect within a 15 – 25 minutes. Obviously it depends on the potency and strain, as well as your body weight and metabolism.

How long do the effects of taking a CBD tincture last?

The effects of taking a thca or cbd tincture usually lasts about 6-8 hours depending on your metabolism, how long you’ve been consuming hemp cbd products and if you’ve eaten anything during that time frame.

If you’re looking to Buy CBD or THCa tinctures online we work with both individual consumers as well as shops, boutique stores and those that would like to order wholesale hemp tinctures. Reach out on our wholesale page now to get set up.


Taking hemp tinctures like THCA, CBD or CBG is a great way to dose the medicinal qualities of hemp. It’s discrete, easy to take, and often tastes really good depending on the flavor you get.

We’ve got several potent and flavorful fresh hemp tinctures to choose from depending on the strains you know and love, and the effects you’re looking to get.

One of our most popular hemp tinctures is our CBD + THC + CBG wellness tincutres that you can find right here.

Tincture Blueberry lion 1000mg
CBD Tincture

Why Choose Bigbudzcbd for your cbd & THCA TINCTURE produCts?

We take pride and only providing premium quality hemp derived CBD & THCa products!

You will not get anything less than excellent from us. Our aim is repeat business. We are not satisfied unless you are!

Buy hemp tincture extracts from Big Budz CBD and enjoy the added customer traffic and increased profits to your retail location! Get the best hemp smokables from us! Our business is designed around our buyers success!

You may be wondering, where can I find a hemp tincture near me?

We are just a click away, and with our fast processing times and shipping times you’ll never want to buy from other distributors! Buy Hemp CBD, THCa or CBG Tinctures online from us and enjoy the convenience of an online purchase and unbeatable products!

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