Best CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction – Improving Sexual Performance

Best CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction Improve Sexual Performance

We will definitely cover the Best CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction in this article… but it’s important to recognize first… that when it comes to sexual compatibility and relationships, nothing haunts men more than being judged by their partners for poor sexual performance.

While there can be many medical and physical disorders related to poor performance, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) remains the number one cause of unsatisfactory performance in bed.

Nearly 30 million men globally have Erectile Dysfunction. It is a common condition that can happen to anyone regardless of how fit and healthy they might appear.

However, while the problem persists in men, several remedies exist to overcome it.

Among many solutions, the use of CBD gummies for ED treatment has been getting more attention as they provide a simple and delicious solution to a severe and persistent problem in men.

This article will focus on everything you need to know about ED treatment with CBD.

We will look at some of the key elements associated with erectile dysfunction and how CBD can help treat the problem more efficiently.

Moreover, find out some of the best CBD gummies for ED treatment.

We will also examine some helpful considerations when buying CBD gummies and the potential side effects that you can experience while using these products.

A Quick Word on Erectile Dysfunction

A Quick Word on Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is primarily associated with sexual performance in men.

Men can face problems with erections during sex, which ultimately affects their sexual drive and libido.

But it’s not just about sexual performance only.

Men facing progressive ED also undergo severe mental battles as they find themselves short of confidence, which has many implications for their social lives.

For instance, ED can impact their confidence, relationships, sleep, and mental state.

As a result, it can disturb the overall quality of life.

In medical terms, Erectile dysfunction is caused due to medical conditions like stress, anxiety, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, etc.

It’s due to several physiological and physical conditions, disabling men from maintaining an erection for a satisfactory sexual function with their partners.

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re facing ED occasionally, there is nothing to worry about.

However, frequent episodes of ED may indicate a major underlying problem that can potentially disrupt your life.

Here are some common causes of ED.

  • Age – As men grow older, they tend to lose the ability to maintain erections. It happens due to a decaying testosterone level.
  • Male Organ Damage – Pelvic surgery or a traumatic episode might hinder blood flow to the penis, especially during an erection.
  • Nervous Damage – An injury to the brain, nerve, or spinal cord can initiate autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, which prevent the nerve signals from reaching the penis.
  • Prostate Treatment – If you’ve had prostate treatment or bladder cancer, it can affect the ability to maintain erections.
  • Medical Conditions Affecting Blood Flow – Medical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and atherosclerosis prevent proper blood flow to the penis that causes ED.

Likewise, there can be many more causes for ED in men.

However, many experts also suggest that ED can occur due to psychological issues, stress, and depression.

Especially in young men, anxiety and nervousness are the major problems that lead to ED.

Nearly 90% of ED cases in young men are due to mental blocks, which are primarily associated with performance pressure in terms of satisfying their partners.

Since mental problems are one of the major concerns, the use of CBD products to treat ED was always on the cards.

As CBD improves the endocannabinoid function in the body, it can help restore sexual function in men.

As a natural agent, CBD is often used in conjunction with other medical treatments to help improve sexual performance in men.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with CBD

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with CBD

CBD is primarily famous for treating problems like stress, anxiety, pain relief, and insomnia.

People prefer these natural elements thanks to their therapeutic effects. As its use continues to grow, it has been observed to provide some relief to people suffering from ED.

But how does CBD help with erectile dysfunction?

CBD tinkers with the Endocannabinoid system in the body.

This system regulates several body functions, such as pain, mood, and sexual function.

As CBD improves the endocannabinoid function, it helps in regulating critical body parameters associated with sexual performance.

While there is still a need for more evidence to prove the efficacy of CBD, the preliminary studies indicate bright signs for CBD becoming a potential cure to treat erectile dysfunction.

What You Should Know about CBD

What You Should Know about CBD

Also known as Cannabidiol, CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the Cannabis plant.

It has anti-anxiety and relaxing properties that address many human body conditions associated with pain and mental problems.

So, CBD mainly targets these medical conditions, which are the leading causes of ED.

For instance, it cures mood-related issues related to sexual performance by relaxing the mind and preparing it for intimate moments.

As the popularity of CBD continues to grow, users prefer various modes of CBD consumption, such as oils, tinctures, and gummies.

CBD gummies, in particular, have been a highly preferred consumption option for users as they provide medical benefits as well as serve as a light treat for consumers.

What are CBD Gummies

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD Gummies are candies infused with cannabidiol (CBD).

These edible candies come in various sizes and flavors, which makes them easier to consume.

Typically, these gummies are either infused or coated and provide a more accurate measure of the consumption amount.

Generally, there are three types of CBD gummies:

  • Full Spectrum Gummies – These CBD gummies contain all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes available in the hemp plant.
  • Broad Spectrum Gummies – These gummies do not contain THC but all the other components.
  • CBD Isolate Gummies – These are made solely from the cannabis plant and do not contain cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids.
  • Enhanced/Fortified Gummies – These gummies are further enhanced with extra ingredients. Typically, gummies for erectile dysfunction have ingredients like L-arginine, vitamins, and herbs that further boost their efficacy.
  • Sativa/Indica Gummies – These gummies are based on various strains of the hemp plant, i.e., Sativa or Indica. Both strains have different effects and are widely used in gummies for erectile dysfunction.
  • CBD/THC Hybrids – These gummies have both CBD and THC content. But they are only available in regions where THC is legal. These gummies have psychoactive effects. The ratio of THC and CBD can vary from company to company.
  • Flavored Gummies – Companies usually add artificial or natural flavors of fruits and berries to make their gummies more appealing. The flavor doesn’t add any medical value but enhances the taste.
  • Additional Cannabinoids – Some CBD gummies feature extra cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. These ingredients further improve the efficacy and bring their purported benefits.

Likewise, based on consumer preference, CBD gummies are also available in vegan and non-vegan flavors with different shapes and colors.

Are CBD Gummies Effective for Erectile Dysfunction

Are CBD Gummies Effective for Erectile Dysfunction?

What CBD gummies offer for erectile dysfunction remains a topic that needs further investigation.

While several brands promote CBD gummies as effective remedies, many medical experts believe that people should be cautious while using CBD as a treatment for ED.

Experts claim that there is no or very little evidence that supports the use of CBD gummies as a remedy for ED.

Hence, patients must not rely on CBD as an effective treatment for ED.

Moreover, doctors believe that there is insufficient information about the long-term effects of CBD, and lack of regulation and interaction with other drugs make it potentially worrisome for ED patients.

At the same time, many claim that CBD is the right fit for ED treatment, citing its benefits for mental health.

So, we can think of CBD as an indirect remedy to treat erectile dysfunction as the natural substance targets the conditions that eventually lead to poor erectile function.

A study in 2019 revealed that many participants who consumed CBD experienced better relaxation, which enhanced their tactile sensations.

Eventually, it improved their emotional experiences, leading them to better and more effective sexual experiences with their partners.

Simultaneously, some participants felt less sleepy or less focused after consuming CBD.

Many of the participants reported that they didn’t feel any significant difference in their sexual experiences after consuming CBD.

So, as far as the efficacy of CBD gummies is concerned, the best option to use supplements like CBD is to use it in conjunction with other medications that have proven results for treating ED.

Consuming CBD can reduce the underlying problems that contribute to ED.

CBD alone isn’t exactly a direct remedy to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Research on CBD Usage for ED Treatment

Research on CBD Usage for ED Treatment

Perhaps one of the shortcomings that prevent wide usage of CBD gummies is the lack of results that support its usage, especially for treating erectile dysfunction.

With time, the research evidence keeps growing, but it’s still in the preliminary phase, keeping medical experts from making any definite remarks about CBD usage.

However, there are a few definite outcomes of whatever research has been conducted on CBD and its efficacy in ED.

  • Poor sexual performance happens due to several factors, such as poor sleep, anxiety, and stress. CBD has been effective in treating these underlying conditions, ultimately helping improve erectile dysfunction.
  • CBD helps relax your body, which helps you improve focus while having a sexual experience.
  • CBD doesn’t directly affect your penis health. It’s not meant for improving erections. Instead, it only improves calmness which leads to better performance in bed.
  • Some research evidence suggests that chronic marijuana can help improve sex drive in men. More importantly, the consumption won’t make you high, thanks to regulated and controlled THC levels in the CBD gummies.

Why Use CBD Gummies for ED

Why Use CBD Gummies for ED

CBD helps regulate body functions by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the body.

It helps the body relax, which can uplift the mood while in bed, enabling men to perform better.

That’s why, even though there is very little or no scientific backing, many people go for CBD gummies as a remedy for treating their sexual shortcomings.

As we mentioned earlier, CBD gummies may be considered an indirect solution to the problem.

So, here are some of the benefits of CBD gummies for treating erectile dysfunction.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

CBD reduces stress and anxiety in men. It helps men feel more relaxed and confident during sexual activity.

Since stress and anxiety are the major contributors to ED, reducing stress levels can eventually help men perform better in bed.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Sexual performance heavily relies on proper sleep.

Conditions like Insomnia are one of the most significant contributors to erectile dysfunction.

Consuming CBD gummies can help men improve their sleep as it relaxes the body.

Hence, men can get more restful nights that help them perform better when they wish not to sleep.

Reduced Inflammation and Improved Blood Flow

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, it reduces the overall blood flow in the body by reducing inflammation. So, even though there is little evidence, it is speculated that CBD causes improved blood flow, which improves the quality and duration of erections while having a sexual encounter.

Mood Enhancement

A relaxed body leads to a better mood.

CBD consumption can, therefore, improve your mental state, which is vital for an enjoyable sexual experience with your partner.

Enhanced Libido

Poor erectile function results in the loss of desire for sex.

CBD consumption can potentially improve intent and desire for sexual intercourse.

Therefore, if you’re experiencing a decrease in your libido, CBD gummies can be a good way to restore these levels.

Improves Pain Relief

When it comes to pain relief, CBD oils have been reported to be more effective as compared to CBD gummies.

So, as a general principle, it may be deduced that CBD consumption reduces discomfort and pain in your body that can often distract you during intimate moments with your partner.

So, if you want to get rid of distracting pain during sex, CBD may be the right answer for you.

Easy to Consume

CBD gummies are perhaps the easiest to consume among the various forms of ingestible CBD.

You won’t need painful injections or complex tinctures.

Simply ingest the prescribed number of gummies during the day and enjoy your time in bed.

Promotes Hormonal Balance

Some researchers suggest that CBD can restore the hormonal balance that is a critical aspect of sexual performance in men.

When the hormones are balanced, it leads to a healthier and more satisfying sexual function.

Improved General Well-Being

As CBD tends to relax the body, it alleviates pain and uplifts your mood. So, you feel better in general.

Therefore, consuming CBD can also help improve your general well-being and help restore other sexual functionalities.

Natural Solution

Unlike other artificial agents, CBD is a naturally occurring compound.

So, those looking for natural remedies to treat their sexual problems can start with a plant-based alternative like CBD gummies.

As they are entirely natural agents, they have very few and less harmful side effects than other medications.

Improves Sensory Perception

Some reports suggest that CBD improves sensory perception in men.

Hence, it makes them more responsive during sexual activities, allowing them to intensify their sexual experiences.

While CBD gummies have several benefits, it is still essential to consult a physician for a second opinion.

Hence, it is recommended to use CBD only with a prescription.

Since several studies point towards both positive and negative effects of CBD, it is the best idea to consult an expert to get the best results for your sexual performance.

Some Facts and Myths about CBD

Some Facts and Myths about CBD

Due to a lack of research-based evidence, CBD has always remained an ‘iffy’ substance, particularly when it comes to its medical use.

However, here are some common myths and facts related to CBD.


  • CBD doesn’t get you high. The other Cannabis compound, THC, is a psychoactive compound, but CBD isn’t.
  • Several studies have confirmed the efficacy of CBD for stress and anxiety relief.
  • There is a lack of substantial evidence for CBD as a comprehensive solution for erectile dysfunction.
  • There is a need for more research to confirm the safety and efficacy of CBD against ED.


  • “CBD can provide a cure for all medical conditions.” It’s false because CBD has its limitations.
  • “CBD is safe to use in any amount.” It’s a wrong assumption because CBD tends to interact with other medications, so it is important to seek medical advice before using it.
  • “CBD is a miracle cure for erectile dysfunction.” False, because CBD only addresses the outlining conditions that lead to ED. It must be used in conjunction with other medications.

What Are the Top CBD Brands Offering to Customers

What Are the Top CBD Brands Offering to Customers

Since several brands are offering a wide range of CBD products, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you need for your erectile dysfunction problems.

So, let’s look at what most of the top brands are offering in their top-selling CBD products.

Here is a summary of key pointers that will enable you to pick the best products from the market.

Top Ingredients

Many brands emphasize natural ingredients with scientific backing.

Some mention specific ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, L-arginine, and Zinc, which are generally linked to improved blood flow and testosterone production.

Also, many brands include L-theanine and green tea extract for potential benefits.

Product Usage

Generally, CBD gummies target a range of sexual health concerns.

Some focus on addressing low libido in both men and women, while others aim to improve erectile dysfunction, specifically in men.

A unique offering focuses on morning use with a combination of CBD and caffeine for immediate energy before sexual activity.

The idea behind these products is to enable you to have a better sexual experience so that your partner remains satisfied.

Additional Features

Several aspects of CBD gummies enhance user experience. However, discreet consumption is a common feature.

Many brands advertise adjustable dosages based on individual needs.

Similarly, many sellers focus on a variety of fruit flavors and organic, vegan, and gluten-free options cater to different preferences.

Some brands also highlight solvent-free CO2 extraction methods for safety and the absence of psychoactive effects (THC).

Product Benefits

Most of the top brands for CBD gummies claim to improve sexual performance through various mechanisms.

Some focus on increased blood flow and potential testosterone production, while others emphasize enhanced stamina, endurance, and confidence.

Additionally, managing symptoms like anxiety and insomnia is also considered a benefit in many products, potentially leading to improved sexual experiences.


The top brands also make sure that the customers have sufficient gummies in a bottle.

Typically, most brands offer 30 gummies or more per bottle.

Given that one gummy is enough for a day, a bottle should easily last for a month.

Moreover, the dosage can vary from 25mg to 75mg.

Most brands offer 25mg as a minimum dosage, while some of these brands can go up to 75mg or even more.

However, if you’re a starter with CBD gummies and only want to use them to treat ED, it’s best to start with the minimum possible dosage to avoid any side effects.r

Best CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction - Improving Sexual Performance

Best CBD Gummies for Improved Sexual Function

Now that you know the basics about CBD gummies, it’s time to see the best available options to treat erectile dysfunction.

Here are some of the best CBD gummies to treat ED.

60 Ct Broad Spectrum CBD (1500mg)

BigBudz Broad Spectrum Mix Fruit Gummies have the potential to resolve your erectile dysfunction problems, enabling you to perform stronger and longer in bed.

These broad-spectrum gummies contain multiple cannabinoids and terpenes for potential benefits but no THC.

Therefore, there are no psychoactive effects, and it can be easily integrated into your diet. 

They’re designed as a sweet after-dinner treat and might be a good option for those seeking to improve sleep onset and duration through the combined effects of melatonin and CBD.

Hence, when you’ve slept better, you can go better in bed, enabling yourself and your partner to have an enjoyable sexual experience.

What’s in the Bottle?

  • Mix fruit (lemon, orange, raspberry, watermelon) gummies
  • 25 mg CBD per gummy
  • Natural ingredients


  • Zero THC
  • GMO-free ingredients
  • Lab-tested product
  • Budget-friendly option


  • 25mg dosage may be too strong for beginners.

25mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Gummies – 30 Ct

These CBD hemp gummies by BigBudzCBD offer a convenient way to add CBD to your daily routine.

BigBudzCBD 25mg CBD Hemp Gummies come in different flavors, offering you a mix of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and essential oils.

These gummies help your muscles relax relieving stress and improving your sleep patterns.

Eventually, you’ll be able to restore your sexual energy and improve your experiences with your partner in bed.

Each jar features a power-packed 750mg dose of quality cannabinoids that may help alleviate body pains and improve your lifestyle.

Designed for easy on-the-go consumption, these full-spectrum gummies might be a good choice for those seeking stress relief, improved sleep or just a touch of balance.

What’s in the Jar?

  • 30 full-spectrum gummies
  • 25mg dosage (20mg CBD and 5mg THC)
  • Four different flavors


  • Gluten-free gummies made with natural ingredients
  • Natural flavors help consume CBD orally.
  • Easy to consume after a meal.


  • May have psychoactive side effects on some users because of the THC content.

25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies

Those looking for THC-free gummies in a smaller jar can buy this bottle.

It offers 30 gummies, all featuring 25mg broad-spectrum CBD.

Our 25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies are available in many flavors, including lemon, watermelon, orange, and raspberry, assorted in 10 pouches.

The main ingredient is a broad-spectrum hemp extract that features zero THC, preventing any psychoactive effects.

The gummies ensure improvement in stress and mental fatigue, keeping you calm and relaxed so you can focus better on your partner during the moments of intimacy.

What’s in the Bottle?

  • 30 broad-spectrum gummies
  • 25mg dose per gummy
  • Mixed fruit flavors


  • Pure, high-quality CBD with no psychoactive properties
  • Multiple fruity flavors
  • non-GMO and gluten-free product


  • Side effects can vary

60-Ct Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

These gummies are available in multiple fruity flavors featuring a dose of 20mg CBD and 5mg THC per gummy.

Since it’s full-spectrum CBD, you will benefit from a wide range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that enhance the product’s efficacy.

More importantly, it’s a bigger jar featuring 60 delicious fruity gummies, so they will stay with you for a longer duration – or – you can share a gummy with your partner for added fun.

BigBudzCBD Full Spectrum Gummies are made from all-natural products.

These are gluten-free and GMO-free gummies, which means very little or no side effects.

What’s in the Bottle?

  • 60 Gummies per bottle
  • 1500mg CBD in total
  • Watermelon, orange, raspberry, and lemon flavors


  • Best for people who want to get ‘high’ during sex
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Assorted flavors


  • Has mild side effects
  • Results may vary from person to person

So, if you want to add CBD gummies to your daily routine, the Big Budz gummies can be a viable option.

Other Options Available at Big Budz CBD

Gummies taste good; most CBD enthusiasts would agree. However, many people with ED like to try vape pens to boost libido and improve erectile dysfunction.

You might want to try our range of vape pens that feature popular flavors, like Gorilla Glue, Grand Daddy Purple, and more.

Let’s find out:

Gorilla Glue CBD Vape Pen

The Gorilla Glue CBD Vape Pen 500mg by Big Budz offers powerful puffs, making you feel relaxed, thereby enhancing your sexual performance.

It’s a hybrid vape, so you’ll get to taste the best of both worlds: indica and sativa.

Gorilla Glue Pen by Big Budz CBD features a perfect mix of strains like “Chocolate Diesel”, “Chem’s Sister”, and “Sour Dubb”, offering you an earthy taste and smell. What’s noteworthy is this sleek vape pen promises 250+ puffs.

Zkittlez Disposable Vape Pen

Another powerful option, Zkittlez Disposable Vape Pen – 1ML 500mg CBD+THC is an Indica-dominant vape that offers peace and tranquillity, elevating stress and improving your sexual function.

Zkittlez offers a combination of “Grape Ape” and “GrapeFruit”, so it promises to give your taste buds a fruity treat. With each puff, you will get a dosage of 500mg CBD and 2mg THC as you go into relaxation mode with your partner.

Grand Daddy Purple Vape Pen

Our Grand Daddy Purple Vape Pen is another powerful mood-relaxing option for Indica lovers. It is derived from a combination of popular strains like Afghanistan, Skunk and Mendo Purps. It’s a disposable pen so there’s no need for charging or refilling.

It offers over 250 powerful puffs, each offering up to 500mg CBD and 2mg THC.

Durban Poison Disposable Vape Pen

Durban Poison Vape Pen by Big Budz CBD features a Sativa-dominant strain extracted from premium organic hemp plants. If you’re into Sativa strain, you’re going to enjoy its earthy aroma.

The sativa-dominant disposable vape pen offers 500mg CBD and 2mg THC with each puff. Plus, it offers more than 250 puffs.

Pineapple Express Vape Pen 500mg CBD

Customer reviews suggest that Pineapple Express Vape Pen offers the best flavor, especially for those who consume Sativa strain.

It’s a hybrid of “Trainwreck” and “Hawaiian” strains, which means you’re not only going to get improved sleep, better libido, and stress relief, not until you enjoy its exquisite aroma and flavor.

Blue Dream Disposable Vape Pen

This sleek-looking disposable vape pen offers high-quality full-spectrum CBD with each puff.

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain made by combining “Blueberry” and “Haze”, offering just the right aroma and flavor to uplift your libido and sexual performance in bed.

Things to Consider While Buying CBD Products for Erectile Dysfunction

Things to Consider While Buying CBD Products for Erectile Dysfunction

Buying CBD gummies can be quite a challenge, simply because there are hundreds of sellers claiming to have the ‘best’ CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction.

But now that you know that CBD gummies are not directly meant to treat ED, it is essential to understand some helpful buying tips.

These tips will ensure that you only buy the right products and avoid getting trapped by fraudulent sellers.

So, here are a few things to consider while buying CBD gummies.

CBD Quality and Transparency

CBD comes in various forms like oils, tinctures, and gummies, etc. Likewise, no two CBD products are created equally.

Different manufacturers produce different compounds with variations in CBD composition, THC content, etc.

Amidst all these quality checks, some fraudulent vendors can get away with low-quality or harmful CBD products.

Therefore, quality checking is the first step in buying CBD gummies.

So, only buy from reputed brands that have a selling history and numerous customer reviews that confirm their authenticity.

Such brands ensure quality standards so that you can enjoy only the safest CBD products.

Moreover, look for third-party testing results. Trusted brands will always give you third-party results tested by reputed labs.

This way, you can rest assured that you’ve bought the right CBD gummies for ED.

THC Content and CBD Type

The second important consideration is choosing the right CBD type.

There are three types of CBD, i.e., full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate-based CBD.

Generally, CBD gummies don’t contain THC, so there are no psychoactive effects.

However, some brands may feature some THC traces in their gummies.

Therefore, it is crucial to double-check for THC content to make sure that you don’t get high after consuming the gummies.

CBD Dosage

If you’re not used to consuming CBD, it’s essential to start with a low-dose CBD. You will have several dosage choices, so you must start with the lowest dosage. This way, you can ease into consuming larger doses without experiencing any complications.

Flavor Options

The top CBD brands offer multiple fruit-flavored CBD gummies.

If you prefer a delicious treat for your erectile dysfunction issues, you can pick and choose from various flavors and textures to enhance your experience.


CBD products can be pretty expensive.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find the right brand that provides high-quality CBD gummies for an affordable price.

It may require some research, but you should get your hands on the best and most reliable CBD gummies.

Moreover, since the competition is so tough among brands, most of them are ready to give away some exciting deals to get recurring customers.

Hemp Source

Usually, online sellers mention the source of hemp for their products.

If the source is a reputable agricultural region from the USA or Europe, the product quality can be assured because these regions follow strict production protocols.

Customer Feedback

To confirm the authenticity and quality of products, make sure to check customer reviews and testimonials about the seller.

Make sure to check third-party websites for reviews because sellers usually post just positive feedback from the customer.

Also, don’t look for overly positive or negative reviews.

Instead, evaluate balanced reviews as they provide the best feedback about the products and services.

Return Policy

Make sure that your vendor has a clear and solid return policy.

Typically, the best brands offer a 30-day return policy.

So, if the product doesn’t work, you can always return it.

It’s a critical feature that separates the best sellers from shady online sellers.

Potential Risks of Using CBD for Erectile Dysfunction

Potential Risks of Using CBD for Erectile Dysfunction

There is some evidence of efficacy in CBD gummies.

At the same time, there are some obvious risks considering that it’s a relatively new solution to a common health problem.

Here are a few potential risks attached to CBD consumption.

Drug Interactions

Perhaps the biggest problem with CBD consumption is its interaction with other drugs.

CBD tends to interfere with metabolism which can lead to increased drug levels in your body.

Especially if you are on some medications, it is best to seek medical advice before consuming CBD gummies.

Otherwise, it may lead to unsafe side effects. Moreover, it can lower the effectiveness of other drugs inside the body.

Self-Treatment Can Worsen Your Problem

If you completely ignore other treatments and rely solely on CBD, it can potentially worsen your problems.

It’s mainly because of a lack of evidence about its efficacy.

So, an unnecessary delay in proper treatment can eventually lower your options and will only worsen your condition in the long term.

CBD is an Unregulated Market

Even though the government has taken several initiatives for CBD legalization, it remains an unregulated market in many regions of the country.

Therefore, most CBD products are unregulated by the FDA. As a result, you cannot trust the quality of products from every seller.

For instance, many CBD products contain heavy metals and unknown substances that pose serious health risks.

Long Term Effects are Unknown

CBD may be effective to some extent in the short term. It can relax your muscles and may help you perform better in bed.

But you can’t rely on the gummies for the long term. Therefore, it’s a risky option to continue only with CBD for the long term.

Side Effects of Using CBD

Side Effects of Using CBD

CBD is generally safe for treating minor discomforts.

However, like any medication, it has a few side effects that mainly affect your digestive tract.

Here are some common CBD side effects.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is also referred to as ‘Cotton Mouth’. In this condition, a person constantly feels thirsty, and it’s a common side effect of consuming CBD.

Diarrhea and Stomach Problems

An upset stomach and diarrhea are among the common causes of CBD. While it doesn’t happen to every individual, it mainly depends on how the digestive tract responds to the medication.


Due to the calming effect of cannabidiol, a person can experience drowsiness after CBD consumption. Therefore, it is best to consume CBD gummies only when you don’t necessarily need to stay alert. Especially if you’re planning to drive, it’s best to avoid CBD gummies before the ride.

Liver Problems

Some studies suggest that CBD consumption can affect the enzyme production inside the liver. This is a serious risk because it ultimately damages the liver.

Abrupt Mood Changes

In some individuals, CBD can cause abrupt mood changes. Likewise, it can also lead to altered appetite.

Other Medications to Treat Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Other Medications to Treat Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Of course, there are medication options other than CBD that effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

If you want to try medicines along with CBD gummies, you can go for supplements after seeking medical advice from a licensed practitioner.

It is essential for patients who may have specific underlying conditions and are already consuming other medications.

Here are some popular options to treat ED.


L-arginine is an amino acid that produces nitric oxide, which improves blood flow. It opens blood vessels and is great for muscle relaxation.


It’s a natural herb that is also known for producing nitric oxide to improve blood flow.


It’s an extract from the pine bark of a tree mainly found in France. Typically, Pycnogenol is used along with L-arginine for blood flow improvement.

Horny Goat Weed

Also known as Epimedium, the horny goat weed has also shown signs to improve ED conditions.

However, it requires more research-based evidence to confirm its efficacy.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo has also shown signs of improving erectile dysfunction problems.

However, the research provides mixed results for its efficacy.


It’s an African-based element derived from a tree.

However, even with its soothing effects for erectile dysfunction, it has strong side effects.

Therefore, it is advised to use only under medical guidance.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone):

DHEA is produced by adrenal glands. It’s a hormone that converts to estrogen and testosterone.

While there are risks attached, the hormone is known to help with erectile dysfunction.


Zinc is a vital mineral that improves cellular metabolism and thereby, enhances the testosterone level in the body to help with ED.

Vitamin D

Erectile Dysfunction can result due to Vitamin D deficiency. So, Vitamin D supplements help improve sexual function in the body.


Obviously, this is the most well-known pharmaceutical product used in the ED.

However, unless you’re okay with some of the known common side effects of Viagra include:

  • Headache
  • Flushing (reddening and warming of the face)
  • Indigestion
  • Nasal congestion
  • Dizziness
  • Visual disturbances, such as changes in color vision or blurred vision

Tribulus Terrestris:

It’s an herb that enhances sexual performance and is widely used in traditional medicine.

Conclusion to Best CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction

Conclusion to Best CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction

CBD gummies provide a simple and safe option to somewhat reduce the intensity of erectile dysfunction by relaxing the body muscles.

They are getting more popular thanks to their ease of use. Moreover, there are hundreds of options to help you buy the right type of gummies for your needs.

At the same time, it is essential to consider the side effects and potential risks attached to particular CBD gummies due to a lack of regulation and quality issues.

Therefore, it is advisable to seek medical advice before consuming CBD gummies for ED.

Moreover, if you’re ready to get into action with CBD, you can get started with any of the gummies mentioned in this post.

These are reliable and popular brands that are worth the money.


Connor Lange, BigBudzCBD CEO

Connor Lange, BigBudzCBD CEO

My journey to establish "Big Budz CBD" was driven by a desire to find natural health solutions for societal health challenges. This path led me to discover the potential of CBD in addressing various health issues without the side effects common in traditional treatments. My goal was to help people improve their quality of life, which inspired the creation of Big Budz CBD. As CEO, I take great pride in leading a company focused on impacting lives positively and caring for our customers. It is rewarding to hear from customers about the positive changes they experience, which fuels my passion for CBD. I believe in the transformative power of natural, plant-based solutions for health, and each success story deepens my dedication to our mission. My role as CEO is more than a job; it's a fulfilling journey to make a real difference through CBD.
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